November 4th, 2002


Can you imagine? I wish I'd witnessed this...

French woman strips for airport security officials
By Associated Press, 11/04/02

EVANSVILLE, Ind. -- A French woman accused of undressing during an airport security screening pleaded guilty and paid a $2 fine.

Eliane Yvonne Marcele Aguillaume, 56, of Paris, was ordered Friday to pay $1 for a count of public indecency and $1 for resisting law enforcement. She will be required to pay court costs of about $130.

Aguillaume allegedly stripped to her waist last Monday at Evansville Regional Airport in an angry response to a security screener's attempt to search her with a metal-detecting wand.

During a routine security screening, Aguillaume kept reaching inside her sweater, forcing guards to search her again.

Aguillaume then became upset and removed her sweater, shirt and bra before trying to pull away as an officer tried to handcuff her, police said. She later dropped to the ground and refused to get up.

Her attorney, Glenn Grampp, said after Friday's hearing that his client was embarrassed by the event, which he attributed to a misunderstanding that developed from a language barrier.


Language barrier?!?!? What part of any language warrants dropping to the ground in true 2 year-old tantrum fashion????
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