November 19th, 2002


The Secretary...

Everyone wonders where I get my sense of humor and personality from. Nothing explains it better than this past weekend...

I drove to Long Island to visit Nanny and Poppy at their house. It was a good 4 hour drive in the miserable weather... but with the new seXterra SE SuperCharged complete with newly installed subwoofer, it may as well have been a clear Spring day!

After dinner Mike came to visit since he lives nearby. We got on the topic of movies and my grandmother says, "So I saw a pretty good movie last week... 8 Mile. I could totally understand where he was coming from..."

I grinned, "Oh yeah?"

"Oh, sure," she nods. "I know these types of kids."

"I'll go see it," I said.

THEN she says, "Later that week my friend went and had her treatment for some problem. We decided to go see another movie." Nanny and friends get the big 'ole Senior's Discount during the day. "So we look in the paper and we see a listing for The Secretary. 3 and a half stars. We go see it and almost immediately my friend falls asleep because of her medicine. So I'm watching, thinking it's going to be about a secretary. It turned out to be a porn! So this guy's there, tellin' the supposed 'secretary' to put her hands on the desk and he's all slappin' her ass... whack whack whack, just like that..."

I nearly spit out my cheesecake! Nanny at a porn! Hahaha!

She continues, "And I couldn't even leave because my friend was so passed out. I stood up to look around and I saw all of these old people sittin' there. They had no excuse for being stuck there, they could have walked out..."

Mike and I laughed. Then I said, "Nanny, they probably all knew. They must not be getting any at home..."

"Yeah," Mike chimed in, "that's what the Viagra is for..."

I love visiting my grandmother...
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