December 23rd, 2002


Here we are!


From the December 20, 2002 print edition
Advertising & PR

Miller Shandwick meets again

'Tis the season for public relations companies to host holiday soirees, but one of this month's hottest agency parties was for an agency that doesn't exist.

Every holiday season, agencies of all sizes roll out the red carpet and fete clients at swank gatherings. Stops along this year's public relations party circuit included: festivities at the Exchange Center on Boston's Fish Pier hosted jointly by the Liberty Square Group and Denterlein Worldwide; the Rasky/Baerlein Group's Toast the Holidays event at the .406 Club at Fenway Park; and SparkSource Inc.'s intimate gathering at its Lexington headquarters.

But even without a company to host clients and employees, about 80 dedicated former employees of the now-defunct Miller/Shandwick Technologies held their own festivities. And with one of their own — Lisa Langone — ensconced as the restaurant's marketing director, the Bay Tower Custom House Lounge provided the ideal venue.

"It's still devastating to think that the company doesn't exist anymore," Langone said. "(This party) attests to the relationships and camaraderie."

Multiple mergers last fall combined Boston-based Miller/Shandwick Technologies, the Weber Group Inc. of Cambridge and BSMG Worldwide under the Weber Shandwick umbrella.

Former Miller marketer Liz Erk, now a senior account executive at Malden-based Topaz Partners, said the party is impressive in light of the fact that many companies are canceling holiday events due to the ailing economy.

Former Miller employees also keep in touch through a Yahoo portal and through e-mail lists, said Erk and Langone.
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Damn, yo! Wha's up wit dat sh*t, mutha f*cka?

Last night I further expanded my ghetto vocabulary by viewing the edumacational Slim Shady Show on DVD. Awww, yeah! Dat sh*t was ILL, you know what I'm sayin', mutha f*cka?


ANYWAY, while on my way over to Anne's for the Slim Shady viewing (which was then topped off by the Anna Nicole Show and Celebrity Dating) my car decided to spice things up by turning on the yellow "Service Engine Soon" light.

Hmm. Not very encouraging two days before I leave on a long drive to NY. And especially rather disturbing since the car is only 2.5 months old.

At any rate, I'll be spending the first part of Christmas Eve a.m. at the Cambridge Nissan Service Department. Ho ho ho.
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