March 13th, 2003


Proud Mary

They should have been more creative with the title in the first place... "Mary's Tit" or "Mary's Highbeam" or "Mary's Nip" or...

After complaints, Wyo. peak loses 'nipple'
By Associated Press, 3/13/03

ALTA, Wyo. -- Pressure from uncomfortable skiers and other tourists has prompted the Grand Targhee Ski and Summer Resort to cover the second half of the name of one of its mountains.

Mary's Nipple is now just Mary's, and signs with the word "nipple" have been covered with tape. New signs were to arrive in about two weeks.

But the covered signs have rankled some local skiers, who feel a bit of their history has been lost.

"If the name changed, it wouldn't be the same," said Mark Franklin of Driggs, Idaho, who has skied the mountain for 26 years without feeling offended. "It's always been Mary's Nipple to me, and probably 99.9 percent of the people around here will agree with me."

The name dates back three decades to a story about a waitress named Mary, who was working at Targhee's Trap Bar and streaked through it and the resort one night. The U.S. Forest Service has never acknowledged it officially.
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Hotbar Nightmare


Somehow something call Hotbar got installed into my PC. I ran a C-drive search to find all related files so I could delete them, but it has 3 .dll files that it won't let me get rid of. My PC claims they're either "write protected, the disk is full, or it's currently running."

I've tried EVERYTHING I could to disable the .dll files and it's not working!

GAH! This is worse than Gator!

Anyone who knows how, please help!!!!!
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