March 21st, 2003


Rain drops on...

Yes! The first full day of SPRING! (Okay, so it's raining, but it's 50 degrees right now!!)

My road bike has been calling my name... now if only the street cleaners would get rid of all the rocks and sand...

Last night I got to veg out for a while in front of the TV, yet I really couldn't watch what I wanted since most channels were covering the war. Finally I settled on "Friends."

I got a good laugh at Mia... she's a smart little sneak. Since Sarah's away, Mia figures it's okay to lie on Sarah's recliner. If Sarah were home, Mia'd last on there for about 2 minutes before getting kicked off:

Mia's after my own heart... since Sarah's away, I drove her car to work today. Heh heh heh... (And people wonder why I call her "Little Me.")

Little Jasper is my new buddy. It's taken several months, but now he's far less skittish and follows me around, talking up a storm. He's always been a big purrer and if you could catch him, he'd let you pet him. He was the last of the triplets to be caught in the wild, so he took a little longer to trust people. The fact that he'll walk up to me and roll onto his back now and let me pet him totally makes me happy.

Anyway, I just can't wait until it stops raining and gets even warmer. Outdoor running and biking, here I come! Not to mention I'll be able to take Mia for walks, too.

Good ridance, winter '03!
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Invisible Fence

Sorry to be on a "cat kick," but I had to post this. (Hey, it's better than "kicking cats," har har)

Emersen has come a long way in regards to tolerating the other cats. She still yells at them, but will let them be in the same room as her and has diminished her "invisible boundary line" from 3 feet away to 2. Huge difference from two months ago where she'd flip out if they were even 10 feet away. However, that doesn't stop Mia from stalking her on occasion... she'll still hide behind a door and peek through the crack, waiting for Emersen to walk by so she can reach a paw through and swipe at her.

This however, is a new thing:

Emersen sat down by the edge of the wall to just hang out. A few minutes later Mia got on the box next to the edge of the wall, keeping her eyes on Emersen the whole time. I watched her do this and was AMAZED that Emersen turned around, saw Mia and then just ignored her. They stayed that way for about an hour.

The point? I have no idea. I think Mia was trying to see how much she could push Emersen's buttons, but Emersen didn't bite.

My cats are so weird.
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Summer 2010

Iraq, Iran, Iwhat?

I'm trying to limit my posts about war events, but anyone know what this is about??

Report: Oil refinery in Iran hit
Unclear where rocket came from"

I saw it on MSNBC, but they don't say anything else.
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photo finish

I've seen a lot of pictures from the war today, but for whatever reason, none made me sadder than this one from

Caption: "MARCH 21, 2003
Iraqi soldiers, waving a white flag and raising their arms, attempt to surrender to passing journalists outside the demilitarized zone in southern Iraq."
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Summer 2010


Right after the photo that made me sad was this one that made me laugh. Truth?? Is this an anti-war campaign or anti-smoking campaign?

Caption: "MARCH 21, 2003
Antiwar demonstrators in Minneapolis stage a "die-in" in front of the US Courthouse to symbolize the casualties of war"
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