December 21st, 2004


Big Fat Brrrrrrrrrr...

Yesterday my friend sent me a picture that she'd taken during the Head of the Charles:

As soon as I saw it, I immediately became all angsty about winter. I am so sick of this cold weather already. I can't believe I have to wait almost 5 months before I get back on the water.

In other frigid sports-related news, ssejooz's team kicked ass Sunday night while facing, yet again, a very tough opponent. The entire team played aggressively, with Jess making some incredibly impressive saves:

Their competition was a bunch of vicious bitches. Once the Cheetahs scored their first, and what ended up being the winning goal of the game, the Storm pretty much went after blood. At one point they came close to scoring on the Cheetahs, but Jess managed to barely stop the puck from going over the line. For the Storm that seemed to have meant an open invitation to start kicking Jess in attempts to push her and the puck into the goal.

I think I just stood there, mouth hanging open. Jess stayed crouched over the puck while a couple of her teammates pulled the attackers off of her. My personal training client Ellen, her girlfriend, our friend Kim and Robyn had accompanied me to the game. While we were watching the onslaught, Ellen's girlfriend leaned forward and said jokingly, "Get out there and do something!"

"Yeah..." I said wryly. "Because really, what's to be afraid of with a bunch of girls waving sticks and wearing pointy skates?"

We all laughed and then cheered when the Storm's attack proved unsuccessful.

This was my favorite part... when they had to go through the formality of shaking hands:

"Yeah, good game, bitches," Robyn said haughtily. She was especially gloaty because she got to keep a puck that flew into the stands. That then meant both of us had souvenirs from winning games.

I'm really starting to like the weekend hockey viewing routine. It's fun to be a groupie!!

Too bad I still have no clue as to what's happening half the time...