October 11th, 2005


Diamond is the Rough

This was from that lame blog my old job made me have.


Roth to replace shock jock Stern
October 11, 2005

What's been rumored for a while is apparently official: Diamond David Lee Roth will take over for Howard Stern when the shock jock skips to satellite radio. Fox News reports the former Van Halen lead singer will be on the air in some East Coast markets, while Adam Carolla, former cohost of "The Man Show," will be on in some West Coast markets. Stern's jumping ship at the end of the year to Sirius Satellite Radio, leaving Infinity Broadcasting to fill his national morning slot.

Okay, make that a new amp, subwoofer and Sirius receiver for when I upgrade.

Somehow I doubt Diamond Dave would fit into my daily commute.