October 27th, 2005


Justice Denied.

Oh dear.

Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss., told Fox News that the nomination had been a bad idea. "Let's move on," he said. "In a month, who will remember the name Harriet Miers."

Tsk! Tsk!

My bet is that plenty will. That nomination put Miers on the map! In no time she'll likely have book offers, opportunities to join the lecture circuit and maybe, just maybe... the mother of all immortalizing opportunities.

Oh yes.

A Lifetime Original Movie.

I can totally picture it! "Justice Denied: The Harriet Miers Story." (starring Meredith Baxter Birney and Beau Bridges)

Oh and in other "news," for Sheryl Swoopes it's all about "The O."

As in Olivia Cruises.

She apparantly "came out" yesterday. During her interview she stated, "Do I think I was born this way? No. And that's probably confusing to some, because I know a lot of people believe that you are."

I don't think there's any confusion. Last year she was in debt up to her eyeballs: "Bankruptcy records from June 2004 show that Swoopes owed $711,050, including $275,000 to the Internal Revenue Service. When her Chapter 13 bankruptcy claim was dismissed last month, she had not paid all of her creditors in full."

So yeah. In debt and a celebrity? It Pays To Be Gay!*

*The individual's sexual orientation is subject to change at any time and without notice, based on the extent of the debt and how long the endorsement contract lasts. Endorsement-influenced "coming out" denotes a revolving door that is subject to "going back in" at the celebrity's discretion. Thusly, a celebrity can come back out, depending upon future debts and/or endorsement opportunities that may present themselves.