November 9th, 2006

BeeBee Love You Longtime

"Those are just Reese's Pieces!"

For those of you who didn't understand the basis of my Halloween costume, or if you just love The Crazy Cat Lady, you HAVE to go here!

"Aren't you that crazy cat lady?"

"Yes, I am. But thanks to this psycho-active medication, I enjoy brief moments of lucidity."

"Those are just Reese's Pieces!"

BeeBee Love You Longtime


This morning Gracie had hung out on the bathmat while I took a shower and then leaped into the tub to inspect it when I got out. Just look at that little face:

She's like a little shadow at times, just following me around the room. Usually as soon as I enter, her little head pops up out of the baby box and she then starts meowing at me to come over and visit.

Gracie is starting to calm down a bit, though she does still act out at times when I get up to leave the room. But regardless, she's adorable. And she certainly loves her attention!

As soon as I start petting her underneathe her chin, she puts her paw across my arm to hug it. And that purr! I'm still baffled that her previous owner(s) didn't spay her or have the decency to find her a new home, rather than dumping her.

Either way, she and her babies are safe now. And hopefully when the time comes, things will work out for her to live with maphia and her two kitties! Gracie definitely deserves a loving household.

And P.S.- Speaking of a cat who follows me around, check out my Toby-Woby!!

She's something else. She's as big as Ginny now, but still has her kitten face. She's literally a carbon copy of her mother in terms of color, marking and shape. (Minus the poorly-healed broken back curvature) She even has the same thick neck and one front ankle that's bigger than the other.

When I enter a room after being gone for a while, Toby goes, "Br-r-r-r!" and comes running over. Love her!!