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So I rang in my 26th year with a few interesting events...

On Wednesday I was rushing out to my car to visit a client. As I hopped in the driver's seat, I adjusted my rearview mirror and flipped my wind-blown hair back. In mid-flip, something shiny glinted in the reflection of the mirror. I stopped and looked closer...


A LONG, SHINY SILVER HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I nearly fainted.

Of course I had to call my mother right then and ask about our family's graying history.

"Relax," she said, laughing. "You'll see a few here and there, but you won't REALLY go gray until you're in your mid-thirties."

Whew. Okay. And at least the hair was kind of in the middle, not hanging out for everyone to see.

Still, I know it's there. And I won't pull it out because I was told that when you do, the hair comes back double. But the temptation is so great... I feel like that hair is silently mocking me... "you're getting oooooooold..." it whispers.

My birthday came and went with little fanfare, just the way I like it. I was never big on my birthday. My family called, I received some great cards and such, but the crowning moment was the SWEET digital camera Sarah got me. One of those Sony ones that can also take short mpeg videos. Weee heeee!!!

(You're in trouble now, kelliekp! >;-) )

Then she took me to a great restaurant and also gave me a coupon book for 10 car washes. ^_^ I've been a little more diligent with washing the car this winter than I was with the old one, so that was a really sweet gift.

This morning I was informed that I'm allergic to everything in the world except mold. Gee, what a surprise. **sarcasm** Since the basic act of breathing is a huge battle for me each day, I figured it was time to try and take my allergy treatments up a notch.

At 8:30 a.m. I sat still while a woman pricked my forearm with different allergens. Then I sat in a hallway and was instructed not to scratch my arm.


Within minutes my arm errupted into a cluster of different sized pink bumps. It took all of my will not to scratch, let me tell you.

A short while later the woman who conducted the testing told me that I'm HIGHLY allergic to cats (Oh, yeah? You don't say...), followed by every type of tree. Well. That explains my heightened suffering in the early Spring and entire Fall. I was also allergic to everything else except for mold. I was surprised about the mold part because it's pretty standard that everyone's allergic to mold. Gee, lucky me. Perhaps I can trade in the cats for a nice petri dish with a variety of colorful molds. Or just let a loaf of bread sit on the counter for a long time...

The outcome? I get a new inhaler, have to chart my breathing each morning with a peak flow meter and go back in January. Chances are I'll be approved for allergy shots, according to the doctor.

I did not, however, inform him of my deep dark secret... that I live with 6 cats. My doctor warned me that the allergist would tell me to get rid of the cats. And the second I met him I knew he wouldn't be the kind of doctor that would understand the emotional nature of having a cat if I tried to explain myself. So I merely told him that I'm around cats in my daily life enough that it's impeding my ability to breathe comfortably.

I was pleased when he told me that the reason I'm not worse for someone of my level of sensitivity is because I'm so fit and take care of myself overall. "Your blood pressure is nice and low, as well as your resting heart rate. And let me tell you, this smoking ban that's passed is going to be HUGE for a lot of my patients when it kicks in. People don't realize how tough it is for those that suffer from serious allergies. Smokers don't have to smoke. Allergy sufferers HAVE to breathe. It's nice to know that they won't be limited to where they can and can't go for the most part."

I agreed with him and thought he'd put it well.

26 looks like it might be a good year. 25 started off ROUGH, but ended beautifully. Who knows where I'll be a year from now. But at the very least, I'll never take any good fortune I have for granted. I learned a LOT during my 24th and 25th years... I hope I can keep climbing upward and not experience as serious a setback (or scary!) ever again.
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