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Yeah, no...

Okay, my hamstrings STILL hurt. Geez. I've stretched them, I've had Sarah massage them, I used the foam roller on them... bah. Never NEVER again will I push them that hard.

This morning I returned to the gym and managed to run for my 30 minutes at 6.0 mph, but I could barely do a 1.5 incline. Too painful. I had to take it down to .5. But the good news is that I was able to bend my knees! That's something, right??

Weights were fine, but for obvious reasons I skipped my legs.

In other mundane news, I finally bought the Garbage CD that came out last year. It's actually pretty good, but unlike the other two, I don't like every single song. That was disappointing.

I also got the new(er) Tori Amos CD. That was very nice, too, but I'm not in love with every song. So, as with Garbage, I did a lot of skipping.

And for $6 fun I purchased the Cyndi Lauper CD that has "Change of Heart" on it. Wheee! Of course, with La Subwoofer, I get so into my favorite songs that I turn them up, sing along, and then notice heads turning every so often as I drive through various towns... I suppose they can probably hear (or feel) the songs, too.

Whoops! ^_^
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