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Damn, yo! Wha's up wit dat sh*t, mutha f*cka?

Last night I further expanded my ghetto vocabulary by viewing the edumacational Slim Shady Show on DVD. Awww, yeah! Dat sh*t was ILL, you know what I'm sayin', mutha f*cka?


ANYWAY, while on my way over to Anne's for the Slim Shady viewing (which was then topped off by the Anna Nicole Show and Celebrity Dating) my car decided to spice things up by turning on the yellow "Service Engine Soon" light.

Hmm. Not very encouraging two days before I leave on a long drive to NY. And especially rather disturbing since the car is only 2.5 months old.

At any rate, I'll be spending the first part of Christmas Eve a.m. at the Cambridge Nissan Service Department. Ho ho ho.

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