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"What a rip-off..."

Yes, "What a rip-off." That's exactly what I said when I woke up on December 25th. At about 1:00 a.m. on Christmas morning I finally went off to sleep after the family and I all opened our gifts. I'm not exactly sure when, but somewhere along the years a new tradition emerged where we all opened presents at midnight on Christmas. So by the time the unwrapping began, I was thoroughly exhausted from having not slept well the previous 2 nights.

Anyway, when I finished opening my gifts (got some REALLY great stuff!) I looked out the window and saw that it had begun to snow. Wheee! So the forecasters were correct... snow soon after midnight and then it should pile up to about 10 inches. I was grinning as I threw away my crumpled Christmas wrapping and went off to bed. Visions of Christmas sledding danced in my head... (har har)

About 7 hours later I opened my eyes, stretched, went upstairs, said "good morning" to everyone and then stopped dead in my tracks in front of the window. Horrified, I peered outside and saw that, at most, there was about a half-inch of snow on the ground.

"What a rip-off!" I exclaimed. Everyone laughed as I frowned at the steady stream of rain that had begun to fall.

I sat in front of the TV watching the second AbFab series on DVD (Sarah's Mom got it for me for my birthday) for about an hour. I got up at one point to get a drink when I looked outside and saw clumps of snow and ice falling from the sky. Whoa! What a mess!

I settled back in front of the TV again and 2 AbFab episodes later, I saw that it was completely white outside! Wow!

Soon the afternoon was filled with such fun activities as watching the neighbor's Lincoln get stuck on the hill outside of our driveway, nearly get nicked by a plow because it was stopped on a blind turn and in a last second attempt at missing the Lincoln, the plow took out a chunk of the bottom of my parents' driveway. Then we counted and giggled as we watched the Lincoln back down the street and try to get a running start to make it up the street. On attempt number 5 he finally made it. However, he could not make it up his hilly driveway, so the driver finally left the car on the lawn next to it.

Fast forward to about 10 hours later and you have me, my Grandmother (Nanny) and brother outside digging out our cars, the walkways, and driveway. Nanny grinned at me as I said, "Yeah, so I take back that rip-off thing I said..."

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