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I love Bay Windows!

I was forever traumatized when in 2000 my old agency made me and 9 others attend a Tony Robbins seminar at the Fleet Center. So a portion of this article made my day:

"One night, I had the television on in the background as I slaved away at the computer. I glanced up and became transfixed by the new Tony Robbins infomercial - perhaps more frightening than any horror film I've seen in recent memory. First off, Tony appears to be changing his image by sporting a short, spiky haircut, some facial stubble, and a tight black T-shirt. The result is not unlike an aging circuit boy (and trust me, I know from whence I speak). Trying his damnedest to appear sympathetic, he is actually moved to uncontrollable sobbing when a woman on Santa Monica Beach relates how his tapes have changed her life. But even more frightening are the celebrities trotted out for this presentation - from the unnaturally stunning Jeff "98 Degrees" Timmons (who looks as if he could be Tony's boy-toy) and Quincy Jones (who was doing pretty well before Tony was even born) to poor Leeza Gibbons (happy to have a job hosting this train wreck). Catch it if you can, but be prepared for an uneasy night of restless dreams - particularly after you see Tony dancing on stage in shorts!

Wanna look like Tony? Or Jeff? Or Leeza? Or perhaps you just need some help with that New Year's resolution to change your stomach from a kegger to a six pack! Then pick up "Abnatomy" - the new ab workout video by David Sloniegura. I'm happy to say that this sexy Canadian trainer (who occasionally contributes fitness articles to never puts on a shirt for the whole tape - so you'll surely exercise at least one muscle! I can personally attest that his routines work wonders. I followed his advice when preparing for my play "Hollywood Uncovered" - sadly, I obtained only four of the six pack before I shut down the show! You can pick up his video at www."

Don't know who Tony Robbins is? Go here:


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