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Well well well! I (think) I'm recovered!!! The BRAT diet really worked!! (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast!) Though I couldn't bring myself to eat rice, I did the rest and had Saltines instead of rice.

I guess that makes it the BSAT diet, which either sounds like one of those exams (LSAT, GMAT, MCAS) or a ghetto term, "Yo, where my BZZZAT?!?!"

Anyway, I'm sitting here watching the snow fall with little Mi. She's sitting on top of my monitor, gazing outside longingly. Maybe I'll take her out in a few minutes. Maine Coons were built for this kind of weather!!

But I'm a tad bummed... I ordered a couple of really big snow tubes to take sledding at this awesome golf course near my old house and they're not here yet. :-( I left my old one at my parents' for my brother, but also secretly ordered him one, too. Damn.

Oh well. I'm just loving this weather! Especially since I'm back to normal health again.

And now to go buy Sarah a wake-up coffee and breakfast! Maybe I'll take Mia for a ride in the car. Sarah needs to wake-up because little Cody has been mewing for her. She taught him to fetch and now he's wandering around the house with a mouse in his mouth, calling for her! ^_^ (Didn't someone else post that their cat fetches, too?)

SOOOO damn cute!
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