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Gay porn program pops up in Army show on cable

By Associated Press, 1/8/2003 06:52

WEBSTER, N.Y. (AP) Officials are investigating how gay pornography was aired on the town's cable access channel during a show about the Army.

Residents complained a community access cable program called ''Army Newswatch'' was interrupted by 20 minutes of pornography Monday night in this town 10 miles northeast of Rochester.

Mike Auger, who oversees cable television operations for town government, said he can find no evidence of pornographic video on the computer system that digitally stores programming for the station and manages what goes on the air.

''How it got through and on the air, I don't know,'' Auger said. ''That's what we're investigating now.''

Town Supervisor Cathryn Thomas said the town, which has about 10,000 cable subscribers, received eight complaints about the pornography.

Brian Wirth, vice president of government affairs for Time Warner's Rochester-area operation, said Webster controls the public access channel. Wirth also said there was no way someone could have hacked into the system since the public access channel was not Internet-based.

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