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Rejoining the Ranks... I sit in my new cubicle. I never thought I'd ever be so excited to sit in a confined space...! Heh heh...

Everyone's been great so far... the one thing that stinks though is that there's no name plates on people's cubes. So I'm going to have a hell of a time remembering everyone's names. That has never been my forte.

So, they taught me how to use my nifty little lap top and the first e-mail I see is this:

"Hello all,

Please welcome our newest colleague to the GC fold:

Elizabeth Erk, Account Representative

Liz brings with a her a good deal of high tech PR experience, amassed rather impressively by one who graduated college only two and a half years ago. While earning a degree in Organizational Communications at Northeastern University's College of Arts and Sciences (December, 1998), Liz worked a semester at TNG (later bought by WG), where she was an Assistant Account Executive. Her duties included the daily support of several high tech accounts such as SD, and Ap.

She gained wonderful experience in media relations, by assisting with monthly clip reports, producing briefing books, and coordinating press appointments for trade shows.

Once Liz graduated from college, she was employed nearly two years for M/ST(now WSW) as an Account Executive. Liz developed expertise in developing Trade Show programs for her clients, by professionally designing and executing themes on her clients behalf . She often offered on-site support and counsel to her clients in this role. At M/ST, she also acquired valuable press relations experience, in both "crisis management" and "general management" capacities.

Before joining GCG, Liz worked for EI (a software ASP), and ETG(managed services company). Her responsibilities at both of these companies included developing client messaging, and extending media and analyst relations. GC's timing was great, as Liz's contract with ETG had just ended when she received our call for an interview.

When Liz isn't immersed in high-tech PR, she works a few days a week at HW as a Fitness Specialist and a Personal Trainer. Her devotion to athleticism is consistent with her being a 3-time letter winner on the Northeastern Varsity Women's Crew Team.

Pulling an oar through water on an 8 person shell is one the most demanding forms of team sport extant. It requires individual, almost introspective concentration, and exhaustive effort, while maintaining an awareness of oneself as simply part of a team, acting in unison, collaboration and cadence. In our agency, like in the boat described, we encourage great individual efforts, which we hope culminate in gratifying group victories. Let us then welcome Liz to a company Built on Trust, where all good efforts, individual and team, are recognized as essential for the success of our clients, colleagues and business.


That had to have been the most elaborate write-up of myself that I have ever seen!

This morning felt like a rebirth of sorts... I woke up at 5:45, packed my bag, and hopped on my bike for the 45 min. commute to HW. It was amazing, it's been quite some time since I'd gotten up that early to ride my bike to work! (Note to self: commuter bike desperately needs tune-up to alleviate annoying squeaky noise...)

I did a decent weight circuit, then showered up for my first day on the job! I was content as I rode the train downtown, sipping a smoothie. Despite not getting very much sleep, (my body got too used to going to bed at about 2:00 a.m. and getting up at 8:00 a.m. or so) I found myself getting very excited!

The commute from HW was very easy... I walked into the office 15 minutes after leaving HW and everyone was immediately on hand to help get me situated.

I'm going to be attending a team meeting later, so it'll be nice to jump right back into tech account work. Apparently I'm being put onto a rather challenging piece of business, which makes me very happy.

Okay, off to read some literature on my client...!

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