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Double Trouble

Behold the faces of innocence:

Cody (on the left) and Caitlin (on the right) are both a little over 8 months. They have incredible double paws... Cody appearing to have thumbs, while Caitlin has all of her extra toes in a big row.

Sarah and I have been realizing more and more that Caitlin is quite skilled with her toes... she uses them as fingers. She manages to climb onto higher, more complicated places, pull books out of shelves and remove single items from the recycling.

But I was horrified when Sarah called a few minutes ago to inform me that Caitlin managed to leverage a short chair back to jump onto and then climb an impossibly high book shelf. (We're talking about 12 feet tall) All along I'd been placing various items on the very tops of these 4 shelves to keep them out of the cats' reach... plants... ornaments... and a little blue, very adorable and very expensive cat statue that my mother got me for Christmas.

Every now and then I'd see Caitlin and a couple of the others eyeing the tops of the shelves. I had no idea they were plotting...


Rest in pieces, little cat statue. You will be missed.

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