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I think I enjoyed the snow for a cumulative total of 1 week this year. Now I'm allllll done.

Sunday was AWESOME... got some good sledding in with Sarah, mizdarkgirl, vhscrowers and their friend Mike. We zipped down a hill about a little less than a half-mile long on oversized snowtubes and trudged back up again. This time around I didn't hit any poles and managed to safely avoid a tree. But I was in awe of the random splotches of blood (yes, BLOOD... yuck), yellow peed on areas and pieces of various trash embedded in the snow. Mmmm-hmmmm- Sleddin' Ghetto-Style, all'z ya'llz.

Monday, of course, was La Storm. Ugh. I did a bit of shoveling towards the evening, just to get a head start on my nightmare of a driveway and front walkway. Other than that, I pretty much just did nothing... enjoyed the day off.

Yesterday sucked. I didn't bother going to work, despite our office being open. I have a 4WD SUV, but there were driveway issues involving other cars parked there, so I just figured I'd work from home. Plus, Sarah's office was closed, so we decided to enjoy another day together and walk all through town.

Throughout mid-morning I could hear random "scraaaape scraaaape scraaaaapes" of various shovels. I remember peeking out at one point and seeing Speedo shoveling his driveway with his shrill, annoying 5 or 6 year old daughter. To drown out her voice, I turned up "Murder She Wrote."

Around 12:15 Sarah and I decided to put on snow gear and take a 1.5 mile walk to the diner nearby. As we went outside I glanced to my left and saw a 4-5 foot mound of snow that was the entire length of the house. Augh! Speedo shoveled the entire contents of his driveway right up against our house... I couldn't even see the basement windows or dryer vent.

Normally I would have just laughed about it, since all of the snow piles around seemed to be taller than me in general. But the house we rent has an EXTREMELY leaky foundation. If it so much as rains lightly, we get a flood. So all of that snow was going to melt right into our basement. Fabulous.

I pointed out the mountain to Sarah and she saw Squirrely (Speedo's wife who obsessive compulsively picked up acorns by hand all through the summer and fall and made a large pile under the oak tree) coming around the side of their house.

She informed Squirrely of our leaky foundation.

"Vell, ve need to put zee snow somevhere..."

Sarah explained that they could put the snow to the back of our house, but not on the side. They have a short hedge that separates their property from our's. Beyond the hedge there's about 5 to 6 feet of property before you reach our house. So they'd thrown the snow over the hedge (God forbid they put the snow on their precious hedge), smooshed our bushes and piled it against our house.

"Vell, I vill move zee snow to zee back..."

Sarah and I agreed this was okay. 2 hours later when we returned, the snow was still there, except for a couple of clumps at the very back that was moved to a larger pile. We saw the woman and she said, "Vell, das the best I can do. I am not going to shovel for 8 hours."

Lazy Bitch.

I told Sarah that I'd take care of it myself then. I waited until Squirrely and Shrill Daughter went into their house. Then I shoveled all of the snow that was against the house and made the pile against the hedge even taller. A lot of the snow fell onto the hedge itself.

By the time I was done, the enire foundation and bushes were clear, leaving a two feet wide walking path from one end of the house to the other. It took me exactly 45 minutes to complete. Not "8 hours."

I then walked back to the front porch to shake out my clothes and then make the front walkway's path a bit wider. As I was taking off my jacket, Speedo came outside.

"You did a wonderful job throwing the snow back onto my driveway that I worked very hard to shovel," he said. His accent wasn't as thick as Squirrely's. And EW... all I could see in my mind, despite his jeans and snow hat was the green Speedo.

"Yeah, well, I didn't appreciate the way you threw all of your snow against our house," I said, folding my arms.

At first he tried to deny doing it, but then he thought better of it. "Well, where am I supposed to put it?"

"Sarah told your wife earlier that you could put the snow in our BACKyard. We don't mind that. But the issue with it over here is that we have a very leaky foundation. When that pile melted, it would have drained right into our basement. I need to have the foundations clear to minimize the flooding."

"There's two feet of snow on the ground," he said. "We didn't put all of the snow over there. You put all of your snow up on the side and it's fallen into my driveway."

"That's because you put your snow on my property," I said defiantly. "When I signed my lease, it specifically states that the property beyond the hedge is our's. When I clear the side of the house, I put the snow next to the hedge. But you took it upon yourself to throw your snow on my side, making it even more difficult for me to clear the foundation."

"The entire time I've lived here, I've never seen anyone clear that part. We don't have anywhere to put the snow."

"I do it either very early in the morning or late at night, depending on my schedule or how much snow is there," I said. "And besides, that doesn't mean you can just throw snow on someone else's property. So what you're telling me is that you don't have anywhere to put your snow, so you decided to make your problem mine. That's not very neighborly and extremely inconsiderate. I share a driveway with 4 other cars. We are limited on where the snow goes, yet we do our best to clear it by making use of the space we have and we certainly don't throw it into someone else's yard."

After that rant, he thought on it. Then he said, "Well, my wife worked hard to clear some of that snow we put there to the back, like you asked."

That REALLY made me mad. "Yeah, two scoops at most. She told me and Sarah that she didn't want to shovel for 8 hours, so I had to spend about 45 minutes clearing it myself. I don't think you get it. We have a real problem with leakage. I have a washer, dryer, wine cellar and several other items downstairs I need to avoid flooding."

He thought some more, then he actually apologized. "Well, I didn't realize that you had a flooding problem. I'm sorry."

"I'd be happy to help you shovel the snow that fell onto your driveway," I offered. Then I threw in, "I figured the bushes would catch it all..."

He frowned, "No, that's okay. I'll get it. It's not alot." Which it really wasn't.

I reminded him he could put it in our back yard. He was done with the shoveling in less than 3 minutes.

And he'd made such a scene. Jerk. Who does he think he is??

I grew up in NY and people didn't do stupid, inconsiderate things like that. And, if they did, we'd talk to them about it and they'd correct the problem. Not say they didn't want to spend the time fixing the mess they made.

Sarah was unhappy that I had the argument with the neighbor and had wanted me to put the snow in the backyard, but truthfully, that would have taken me a LOT more time. And why should I do something like that if they couldn't be bothered to be courteous in the first place? If they'd offered to help me move the snow, then I'd have been happy to clear the whole thing to the back.

I don't belive in getting walked on. It's like our other neighbors who allow their dogs to shit on our lawn and tear apart our trash. I'm not merely going to pick it all up and say "oh well..." I went over and confronted the woman about it. It's just plain rude.

**End of Rant**

I'd like the Spring to come now, please...


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