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So, let me just tell you that my morning had quite the shock in store for me! I got to sleep in this a.m. until 6:30, which was nice. Then I biked in to HW to get ready for the day. I was steaming hot when I arrived there, so that didn't help when I got to the shower... THERE WAS NO HOT WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It wasn't even just cold... it was FREEZING! The shower took forever. I had to gingerly wash each body part one by one. I couldn't put my whole self under the spray. The water was so cold that I got a slight headache from washing my hair.

Needless to say, after that nightmare I was QUITE awake!

I had a GREAT first day on the job! I love it here so far. Yeah, I've only been here one day, but I got an awesome vibe. The last job I came from, EI, I was miserable from the get-go.

Today my account team is taking me to lunch! : ) VERY exciting. It's a "welcome to GC" sort of thing.

After I got out of here I went uptown to train a client. Now this is funny, this particular client is a former coworker of mine from M/ST. She started working there 2 months before I left. She's a really tough cookie. When she began at M/ST she carried this "I'm a VP, therefore I will not give you the time of day because you are an Account Executive." I don't think I ever spoke two words to her before I quit the company.

Turns out she's an avid road biker and is a member of HW. We ended up taking a few Spin classes together and began chatting. We got to know each other and next thing I knew, I totally earned her respect. I admire her because she's the exact image of a businesswoman that I hope to have when I get to be her age. (late 40's) Of course, the "better than thou" attitude has to go. But everything else is exactly right.

So, she saw a toughness in me on both the business and fitness front and so she hired me to be her Personal Trainer. We had our first session yesterday. She told me that she wanted to be sore the next day.

By the time we were done with our workout, she could hardly move. But she did everything I told her to! Hee hee hee! I'm dying to get an e-mail from her letting me know how she feels today...

After I left HW, I biked home with the full intention of going right to bed. But then I ended up on the phone with Liz. We can just talk and talk and talk. I love our conversations. I had no idea how long we were on the phone for until Liz said, "You should go bed. I don't want you to be tired for work tomorrow..."

I was sprawled out on my bed and hadn't seen my clock. "What time is it?" I asked.

"It's midnight," she answered.

ACK! We'd gotten on the phone at 10:30.

Awp, I need to go to the doctor's now. I'll continue later on...

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