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Spring Break!!

Yes! It's March 2, but it looks like I've already been hosting Spring Break in my house without even realizing it.

This morning I woke up with my body feeling like it was completely twisted and out of joint. It's just so great when I fall asleep on the tiny couch. Feh. I had been watching MADtv last night and dozed off. When I woke up this morning, I had Cora sprawled out on my chest, Cody under the blanket, entangled in my legs, Jasper on my feet, Mia above me on the couch back, tail swishing in my face and Caitlin wedged between me and the couch back. Clearly this must have been quite a treat for them because they're no longer allowed in the bedroom.

As soon as I got up they launched into the typical chorus of "meeeews!"

"Yes, yes," I said, yawning. "I'll feed you. Who wants some num-nums?"

"Meeeeew!" they cried and followed me to the kitchen.

After stepping on two cat tails and spilling water, everyone had their breakfast.

I returned to the living room to watch the morning news and decided something was wrong. I sat on the couch trying to think of what it could possibly be, when it suddenly hit me. The living room smelled overwhelmingly like Tidy Cats litter. I looked toward the sun porch, which is the "Cat Room," but didn't see anything. So I got up to take a peek.

At this point the cats returned from the kitchen and decided to follow me. Just as I started to walk through the door, Cody and Jasper ran into the room as I arrived, so I was just in time to watch Cody skid into a HUGE pile of cat litter.

"Oh my God!" I shrieked.

Last weekend I stocked up on ten 30 lbs boxes of Tidy Cats. Somehow the cats managed to shred the plastic through the carrying handles of one box and empty the entire contents onto the floor. The entire cat room was turned into a kitty beach. Cody was happily rolling in the sand, Jasper was digging and Emersen was lying on a cat mat next to the sand, looking much like someone's grumpy grandmother who wished the kids would quiet down. Mia was perched atop the tallest cat climber in true lifeguard fashion, watching the action below in a stoic manner.

I swear, if those cats could talk Cody would be shouting, "Spring Breeeeeeeak!!!"


I spent the next 45 minutes vacuuming and shuffling cat furniture around while I cleaned. At one point I discovered that someone left a little "surprise" buried in the sand.

The world was, indeed, their litter box.

Anyone want some free cats??

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