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If someone so much as spits on our front lawn, our basement floods. I have to plan my laundry around the weather. In fact, I'm sure those freak Swedes next door thought I was a crazy bitch for yelling at them about the snow, but I don't care. My snow boots get more mileage INDOORS than they do outdoors.

So, imagine how THRILLED I was when our landlord, who's seriously Miss Magoo, called up to say that she was having a contractor come in to "take care of the flooding basement once and for all..."

But I should have known the same woman who insisted on my giving a detailed explanation as to how cats know to use the litterbox couldn't POSSIBLY make this simple.("Will you be keeping the cats closed in a room during the day while you're at work? I'm concerned they might defecate on the hardwood floors...") Of course, this is the same woman who I had to explain that it's NOT okay to show up at our house unannounced at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday. And it's NOT okay to walk through our house whenever you feel like it.


Sarah and I each received separate letters detailing the construction that was scheduled to take place. "I'm having a French Drain installed..."

What? WTF is a French Drain??

Whatever. Anything to stop me from having to wear waders just to put a load of laundry in.

I spent the entire weekend moving stuff around in the basement. We currently have a non-working sump pump in the basement, so I assumed she was going to be having construction done around that. Miss Magoo even requested I move objects that could possibly be damaged away from the sump pump. That meant hauling my bikes up 2 long flights of narrow stairs that were designed for midgets. Everything else over there was moved to the far wall.

This morning Sarah e-mailed me to say that as she was getting out of the shower, the workmen rang the doorbell and explained that they needed to move EVERYTHING away from every wall. This was so they could dig a trench all along the inside of the walls.

A TRENCH? What were they doing? Turning our house into a front line for the war??

At any rate, this meant EVERYTHING had to be moved... laundry tables, wine cellar, both sets of washers and dryers, etc. etc. And I'm so sure they're going to be gentle and I'm so sure they'll do a great job disconnecting the gas line to the dryer.... **sarcasm**

I'm DREADING going home. The last time Miss Magoo had "light construction," the entire upstairs was covered in saw dust and I came home to discover my cats playing "hockey" with rusty nails.
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