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Bitch has got to go...

Saturday morning Sarah and I are driving Chloe and Trevor to their new home in PA with Sarah's sister and boyfriend.

I admit, I'm going to REALLY miss these two... they're the last of the Foster Litter. Chloe and I have really bonded and Sarah and I are just in love with little Trevor.

The upstairs guest room was getting too small for Chloe and Trevor, so for the last month we've been leaving the door that leads to the upstairs open. Gradually Chloe and Trevor have ventured downstairs and decided they liked it.

Chloe has to be THE smartest cat I've ever met. She beats the pants off of Mia, which I really didn't think was possible for any cat. Mia's just brilliant and is Alpha cat all the way... until Chloe.

It didn't take long for Chloe to assert herself as the NEW Alpha. She has Cody, Caitlin and Jasper constantly fleeing in terror. They haven't quite gotten the message... they insist on going right up to her to try and sniff. Chloe waits for them, then... BAM! "Reeeooooowwwww!!!!" Usually it's a black streak zipping by with Chloe in hot pursuit.

Forget about Mia. I don't understand why, but she's very afraid of Chloe. She and Chloe have exchanged "words" on a number of occasions, but it usually ends with Mia running for her life. And nevermind Cora. The moment she even sees Chloe, she takes off and hides.

I feel bad for my bunch. With the exception of Cody because he's so jealous (and Emersen doesn't count, she hates everyone by default), they all LOVE Trevor. Especially Jasper... he keeps following Trevor around, trying to talk to him. In fact, he talks to Trevor exactly the way Chloe does. Trevor doesn't really care, he mostly ignores everyone and entertains himself.

Every few days I come home from work and find tufts of fur on the floor. Not just your typical shedding... but usually several tufts close to each other, which means Chloe's beating the shit out of the cats during the day. And they're usually black tufts, which means one of the triplets must have been bothering her.

I did find clumps that obviously came from Mia's tail the other day though. I was a little worried about that. Every night when I come home Mia's usually at the door, waiting for me. I'd like to say it's because she's excited to see me, but it's really just so she can try to run out the front door. On Monday night she wasn't there.

"Hey, Mi?" I called.

Mia suddenly appeared when I got halfway up the stairs. She yawned and stretched, which meant I had woken her up. Very odd that she'd be asleep at 6:30 p.m., so she obviously had a rough day.

"Poor Mi," I said, scratching under her chin. "Why do you let her push you around?"

The other thing I've noticed is that my red gym back pack and red courier bag I use for work both look more like they're wearing pink sweaters. Part of Chloe's bonding with me seems to require her to sit and roll around on everything that's mine. So she's covered my shoes and bags in white fur.

This morning I woke up and went to the office to get dressed. I turned on the light and heard a tiny squeal, which was Trevor yawning. I looked over at the giant potted plant and saw the leaves rustling. Stretching his back legs, Trevor got out from the plant and stepped onto my desk, sprinkling dirt all over the place.

"Good morning, little man," I said, sighing. "Did you have a good night's sleep in the dirt?"

Clearly he did because not 2 minutes had passed and he was already running around the house with a fake mouse danging from his mouth.

As I put on my gym shirt, I looked down and saw Chloe sprawled out on my courier bag, gazing up at me, purring.

"Well hello, Miss Clo!" I said, scratching her between the ears.

Suddenly she stopped purring and was looking past me. I turned and saw Cody coming over to the desk. "Mreeew!" he cried. That translated into, "Where's breakfast?"

I looked back at Chloe. "Mrrooooo," she started to whine.

"No, Chloe," I said, trying to calm her. "He's fine. Leave him alone."

Suddenly she jumped up and leaped at Cody, "Reoooooooow!!!"

Cody bolted from the room, Chloe chasing him. Something crashed over in the living room and within seconds Chloe returned.

"Brrrroooow?" she asked, as she rubbed against my legs. It seemed like she was saying, "See how good I am? I got rid of those pesking kittens! Now you can go back to petting me and telling me how much you adore me..."

She really seemed to think bullying and chasing the other cats was a good thing. The whole time Chloe was chasing and swiping at Cody, Mia was watching from a shelf on the bookcase. She looked riveted, like she was almost going to go after Chloe herself. But something was holding her back. Poor Mia. I know her pride is totally dented. I wish I knew why she feared Chloe.

Anyway, as much as I love Chloe, dat bitch has gotsta go. I'll miss her, but I'm relieved that things will be returning to "normal" soon. My poor babies are being brutalized!

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