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Skate or Die

Or was is "Sk8 or Die?" Anyway, that's how I felt this morning... we got back from PA at a reasonable hour last night, yet I could not, for the life of me, get up for the gym at 5:00 a.m. My eyes felt incredibly heavy, so I let myself sleep in until 6:45.

When I fed all of our little monsters this morning, I felt a little sad because there was no tiny orange Trevor tumbling around the kitchen... no Chloe sprawled out on my red courier bag. But I have to say, it's obvious that Chloe and Trevor already love their new home with Sarah's sister and her boyfriend. There was no "initial hiding period" as is typical with kittens and cats in their new homes. They took over the place within mere minutes. ^_^

Anyway, La French Drain is completed. I have to admit, the workers appear to have done a decent job. I took a brief look this morning, but only because I had to go into the basement. And the reason I had to go into the basement was not a particularly fun one.

When I went outside this morning I walked down the front steps and immediately slid into the hedge. Once I picked myself up, I realized that the ENTIRE front walkway was a thick sheet of ice... from the bottom of the steps, down the path and to the street.

Baffled, I tried to figure out where it could have possibly come from. And then I saw it: Sticking out from under the bushes was a new plastic pipe that must be pumping water from the basement to the front walkway. Great. The French Drain was turning my walk to the car into Cirque Du Disaster.

So I went to the basement to grab a bucket of rock salt. After I used about half the bucket (since the sheet of ice was over 10 feet long and 3 feet wide), I went to return the rest to the basement when I suddenly heard a "glub glub glub" sound.

I turned and watched as a fresh batch of water was pumped from the basement, washed the rock salt away and began to freeze in the 21 degree air.

Fabulous! I went from "wading" to "skating."

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