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What a profitable day...!

I had a lovely walk to my doctor's through Chinatown this morning. On the way I had the good fortune of finding a dollar on the sidewalk. As I pocketed the bill my cell phone began to rang and I made the horrible mistake of answering it...


"Liz, it's Bahbrah (horrible Boston accent) from See-anah Oil. Listen, ya need to send us mowah money, you have quite the outstanding bailance..."

I sighed as she continued her spiel. I agreed and said I just began a new job and would send a check shortly.

I should have told her I just found a dollar and as soon as I find 999 more of them, I'll send them right to her.

I just got back from an awesome lunch with my account team. We went to this cute cafe called Cosi where I ordered the BEST goat cheese and cucumber on fresh baked foccacia.

Everyone seems pretty nice, but I don't really have that much in common with these girls. They're not too healthy in the least bit, with the exception of a couple. A bunch of them smoke, so I was thinking "ick" to myself.

Anyway, the important thing is that we all seemed to get along. It's such a laid back, cool atmosphere here.

I'm getting worried about how I'm going to balance HW in all this. There's a lot of events and info. seminars in the evening, not to mention nights I'll be here late with client work. I suppose it's a good thing I'm a trainer. I'll probably dump one of my weeknight Fitness shifts and just schedule clients later in the evening.

Needless to say I will *not* be taking on the contract work.

I spoke with Amanda yesterday (my exgirlfriend's new girlfriend's younger sister. Ha!) and we may get dinner on Friday, depending on her work schedule. I e-mailed my ex, Susan, to tell her about it. She and her new gf, Sarah, got a royal kick out of it. I still think the whole thing is just plain weird.

In other news, Gail, my PT client from yesterday is hurting. She's going to be worse tomorrow. But I'm glad to know that I gave her more than she bargained for. We scheduled another session for next Monday. : )
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