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The Year of the Knee

I don't know what it is... ever since the beginning of 2003 I've managed to bash my poor right knee every which way. There have been minor incidents where I've walked into stuff and left little bruises and what have you, but there have been instances where I've REALLY knocked it around.

Take the sledding incident. I rammed my shin and knee full-on into a thick wooden stake, yet I managed to get up and keep going. (Then, of course from the ankle to rigtht above my knee, my leg ballooned into a blueish/purple puff, making my leg look like it had poor circulation. But I was still able to walk on it and continue as normal)

Not too long after that I fell on some ice and landed in the mud in front of the house. I got right back up (swearing every obscenity in the book, mind you) and continued on.

This morning was a doozy. I was thrilled to see that the weather for today called for sunny skies, 55 to 60, starting out with lows in the high 30's. So yesterday afternoon I cleaned up my full-suspension commuter bike, pumped up the tires and set out cool-weather bike riding clothes. My first outdoor ride in 2003!

I left the house at 5:35 and was doing just fine until I got to parts of the bike path that were close to the river. Apparently Mother Nature neglected to heat those areas over the weekend!! I came around a turn full-speed and whooooooooosh!!! My bike slid sideways and down I went, landing on my hip and right knee. Thankfully I was fully padded because of my clothes, so I didn't get any "rub burns" from sliding on the the ice, nor did I cut anything.

But DAMN, my knee looks like it's hiding a golf ball inside. Gross.

I ended up walking the parts of the path that were close to the river, since they had patches of that "slimy" kind of ice. After I arrived at the gym I then managed to run and mildly lift weights.

"Knock on wood," I've been really lucky I didn't wreck my knee any of those times. My left knee had patella tendonitis several years ago and is still achy at times, but nothing too bad.

On the positive, I got to ride my bike!! That always lifts my spirits, especially when I've been feeling the "cold weather slump." I'm so done with winter. Blah.

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