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Why did the chicken...?


"Good morning, this is Liz."

"Hi, honey," Sarah said. "I wanted to let you know I made it okay."

"Oh, good," I said. "I figured you would. Terrorists aren't really interested in Harvard Medical School's staff Delta shuttle flights to Altzheimer's Disease Symposiums in Florida."



"American," she said sheepishly. "I was all excited because you got me to the airport in record time and got all the way to the check-in counter and the lady said, 'girl, you're on an American flight. You're at the wrong terminal.'"

"Oh no!"

"Yeah," she said miserably. "It wasn't a big deal, I only had to cross the terminal because they share the same one, but the lady said it so loudly, everyone was laughing."

"Aw, Sar!"

"I know! Like I'm supposed to know what carrier I'm on at 5:00 a.m.! What's that about? HMS asks too much of me."

I started laughing. "So you made the flight okay?"

"Oh yeah," she said. "I got there at the same time as my boss. But let me tell you, it took FOREVER for me to get my rental car."

"Why?" I figured she'd say there were police and military everywhere.

"Chickens. There are wild chickens running all over the place. Have you ever heard of wild chickens and roosters in Miami? Becaue I haven't. I almost stepped on one in the Enterprise lot. They're everywhere. Oh, and no one speaks English. There are no English speaking radio stations. I can't find NPR. Are we at war??"

Poor girl. She LIVES for NPR. (Well, not that bad, but she has everything programmed for it)

To make light of the situation, and I KNOW this is offensive, but I wanted to make her laugh, I said, "Maybe they have MPR?"

I did get a laugh out of her and then read to her from the MSNBC website.

I miss her already.
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