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The beat goes on...

...La da-di da-di deee... la da-di da-di daaah...

So, it's 12:30, I should be sleeping, but nooooo... I'm on this damn computer. I have no idea why I can't sleep. And no matter what, I have to get up at 5:30. I'm thinking my body simply isn't taking my new life seriously yet. Well, it's in for a horrible shock. Oh well, I'll get back into the swing soon enough.

What a DAY. I'm still trying to learn about my Web Integration client. (Many thanks to the lovely G ) I think I have more acronyms to learn than I ever have in my whole career. (ohhhh... 4 years... such the veteran...) I may as well be studying German, too.

I have an Analyst seminar on Thursday. I will be meeting my clients face to face and also learning a LOT. Let's hope it's not "system overload." I also have a media pitch due on Friday. Ack. I have to make it good because this is my first "test" of my PR skills.

Anyway, I had my favorite client tonight. It was our last session from her Intro Pack. She can't really afford to keep training, so we're going to make other arrangements. She's so motivated and very energetic.

After her I trained Liz because I had an hour between my first client, which was 6:30, and my 8:30. My 8:30 was not on time. I was getting really tired, so Liz offered to have us ride to her place, which takes 10 minutes, and then she'd drive me home. That way I wouldn't have to ride for 40 minutes.

I liked this idea and at 8:41 I got my stuff together for the bike ride. As I was walking down the stairs my 8:30 client showed up. It was 8:46. So we simply rescheduled for Sunday.

We had a great ride to Liz's apartment and played with Lulu and Francis for a bit once we arrived. Then she drove me home, except she thought it would be fun to go get ice cream before dropping me off. I agreed.

After we hung out eating frozen yogurt, she drove me home. She came in with me to borrow a bike lock and in my foyer was a box from Kabloom, which is a florist. I was confused as to why I'd have flowers.

It ended up being from my former "stalker." *sigh* But they are beautiful, so they're sitting on my dining room table. They have a few of my absolute favorite flowers, including peach mini-roses. He sent them as a contratulatory gift for my new job. That was nice. I kinda wish they didn't come from him though.

Anyway, I'm now in the midst of playing phone tag with "I know I've met you before," the girl from the club the other night. And poor Cora called me earlier, too, but I never had a chance to speak to her.

4th of July week my family's having their annual vacation. This year they're spending a week in Martha's Vineyard. I was invited to go, but because I just started working, I can't take the time off. This bummed me out to no end, but instead I will be spending the evening of the 3rd and the day of the 4th in P-Town.

Can I say EXCITED??? One of my PT coworkers invited me. I used to have the *biggest* crush on her... sweet personality, the hottest athletic body... I got over the crush a while ago and now we're getting to be friends.

Holly and Kim are going there on the 4th and staying over night. I'm glad I'm going earlier because all 4 of us would be crammed in one bed. Ack. So it'll be the three of them and I will be home, spread out in my queen-sized bed with the air conditioning on full-blast.

Then something occurred to me as I was prepping my gear for my PT client. I will be sharing a bed by myself with the hottie trainer... **bad thoughts, bad thoughts... get out of my head...**

And that, my friends, concludes a day in the life of... aren't you so glad that you've gotten the latest? I thought so.

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