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Invisible Fence

Sorry to be on a "cat kick," but I had to post this. (Hey, it's better than "kicking cats," har har)

Emersen has come a long way in regards to tolerating the other cats. She still yells at them, but will let them be in the same room as her and has diminished her "invisible boundary line" from 3 feet away to 2. Huge difference from two months ago where she'd flip out if they were even 10 feet away. However, that doesn't stop Mia from stalking her on occasion... she'll still hide behind a door and peek through the crack, waiting for Emersen to walk by so she can reach a paw through and swipe at her.

This however, is a new thing:

Emersen sat down by the edge of the wall to just hang out. A few minutes later Mia got on the box next to the edge of the wall, keeping her eyes on Emersen the whole time. I watched her do this and was AMAZED that Emersen turned around, saw Mia and then just ignored her. They stayed that way for about an hour.

The point? I have no idea. I think Mia was trying to see how much she could push Emersen's buttons, but Emersen didn't bite.

My cats are so weird.

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