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Gone With the Wind

Wow... this has been some Saturday! I got up at 7:00 to ride my bike to Arlington so I could pick up Sarah's car from the shop. It was a good way to start the day... it was about a 15 minute ride.

As I slowed to stop at the intersection where I needed to make a left turn to get to the Subaru dealer, I looked down because my front tire had rested on something squishy.


I had run over a green dildo! Then I started to laugh... how random. I tried to imagine how it had gotten there. Hmm. I really couldn't.

But it was pretty funny! I mean, I've seen condoms in the steet before, but never any dildos! It was a medium-width, slender ribbed kind. For a second I'd considered picking it up for ilovemycosmo... ;-)

Anyway, I got the car, popped my bike into the back and drove it home. Then I rode into Boston to meet up with my personal training client Ellen so we could watch bluevelvetcrush race with the Smith Crew team on The Charles.

What a bizarre day... no, I didn't fall or anything. There were just weird things to see. The usual Chinese couple that I've seen practice Tai Chi by the river every Spring and Summer for the last 8 years were out. I sometimes slow down to watch because it's neat to see how they move with such syncronized precision.

As I watched, the man suddenly stopped and reached into his pocket and flipped open a cell phone, "Herro?"

The woman kept going. So much for a tranquil, hypnotic time!

Ellen and I met up at the Mass Ave. bridge and I immediately had trouble keeping my bike from blowing over. It was incredibly windy! The water had high waves with white caps. I felt bad for all of the boats out there... there were gusts of wind up to 25MPH at times. When it came time for Cora's race, the officials had decided to move the race out of the choppiest water and closer to the finish line. They ended up only rowing a 1000 meter course.

(The Smith Crew is the middle boat)

After the race, Ellen and I rode our bikes over to the MIT boathouse to find Cora. It was cool to be around rowers again. The comraderie is amazing, not to mention all of the hustle and bustle around getting boats in and out of the water.

Sometimes I really miss rowing.

Anyway, as I searched for Cora, I suddenly saw a familiar face from the crowd. Whoa! My coach from freshman year! I had rowed on her team at Northeastern in the Spring of '95.

"Karen!" I called out.

"Wow!" she said as she turned around. "Hi, Liz!"

I couldn't believe she remembered me. After making small talk, I asked her if she knew where Cora was. Karen pointed me in the right direction, so Ellen and I headed over to the boat trailers.

I was so excited to see Cora! She was as cute as ever!!

So, all in all, a good day thus far. Ellen and I rode back to my town to get lunch. Our plan was for us to ride back into Boston after lunch, but it began raining, so we went to my house, loaded her bike into the Xterra and drove her back home.

As we got into Boston I saw hords of protesters getting ready to march. Luckily she lives away from where the march route was. That's all I needed... to sit in protest traffic.

Tonight Sarah and I are going to see The Core. Eh. I've heard mixed opinions. We'll see.

Anyway, I needs to get me a shower! I stink! ^_^
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