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Immortalized? Hardly.

I find it really disturbing that ever since Dr. Atkins died, my e-mail box is getting flooded with Dr. Atkins ads.

To all of you idiot e-Marketers out there: Just because Dr. Atkins fell and died doesn't mean I'm going to suddenly be inspired to embrace a diet of cheese, meat and zero carbs. Nor will I be encouraging others to do so either. I'm all set with bad breath-and-smelly-constipated-dump-inducing ketosis. Not to mention I'm very much into working out daily, so I'll need more energy than those who merely intend to go from the couch to the bathroom and back. So nice try at capitalizing on someone's death, but it isn't going to work as far as I'm concerned.

**Just as an aside, I think Dr. Atkin's works for severely over-weight / obese people as a "jump start" to get into a healthier lifestyle. I think it's horrible for people who only need to lose about 20 lbs, which are typically the ones who seem to think they should try this diet out.
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