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and OHMYGOD! I am so sick of Madonna's electronica voice! I am. No matter where I go or what station I put on, it seems I end up hearing "Die Another Day." Talk about synthesized overkill!

Half of her "Music" CD was like that, too. I loved everything up to and including "Ray of Light." In fact, "Ray of Light" is my favorite Madonna album. But all of her work after that is pretty annoying.

I think the only person that has successfully pulled off the "Techno Electronica" thingy is Cher. I love "Believe," but not as much as I love "Ray of Light." But I really like Cher's newest album, "Living Proof." Unlike Madonna's "Music," Cher was able to continue the "Techno Trend" successfully without butchering her voice to death with electronic enhancements.

I'm already sick of "American Life" and I've only heard two songs from it!

(Wow, I'm all cranky in this post.)

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