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I Think I'm Going Cross-Eyed...

I'm reading reading reading. This technology is confusing. Oh well, I'll have plenty of time to read up on my notes and what not during my HW shift. I have an analyst briefing first thing in the a.m. tomorrow. Ohhh... and I'll even wear a dress...!

Speaking of clothing... hee hee hee... I'm having an interesting time getting acclimated with the culture here. They pretty much allow you to wear whatever you want, but everyone gets dressed up.

Not me... I don't look dumpy, but I wear shorts. I'm too damned hot not to. I shower after my workouts, but I guess my body temperature rises or something. By the time I get to work I look like I just went for a swim! I wore capri pants on my first day and they felt like a second skin. Ick.

So today I was all about comfort. Ahem... let's say dyke comfort. I didn't even realize it until I got on the train. That's why I got such a kick out of Kris's picture of Trinity... I pretty much looked like that this morning, minus the outfit.

I'm wearing dark green men's cargo shorts, a black tank top, my black and silver Sketchers, my little metal ball necklace, and black sunglasses (outside). My hair was freshly washed and styled, so it had a bit of the Trinity-gelled-look going.

I got on the train right as the doors shut and removed my sunglasses. I looked up to see this tall femme girl staring at me. I immediately got the "sister vibe." Sure enough, her lips slowly curled up into a devilish little smile. Heh heh heh... I grinned back and moved further into the train.

When I arrived here, I got a couple curious looks from my coworkers. Heh. They'll get used to me yet! I haven't quite "moved into my cube" ... I'm going to drive my stuff down on Saturday. I have 3 boxes of cubicle stuff to make my workspace "home." I can't wait!

A girl who was away in San Diego when I joined up caught up with me after a lunch time "Presentation Tips" seminar. She apparently is huge into running and wants to go into strength training. She just moved to Boston in January and is interested in joining HW. Hmmm... I smell a new PT client... we talked for about 20 min. Very nice girl.

Heh heh... I like this "tough girl" image I seem to be giving off today. I even volunteered answers at the seminar. But I think I've reaffirmed that I have nothing particularly in common with my new coworkers. But we all get along just fine, so that's good enough for me...!

Okay... back to reading... G... save me from this techy madness...!

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