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Yay May

Today marks the beginning of my absolute FAVORITE month. (2nd fave is July) I love watching everything bloom and the progression of the temperature as the month carries on. I always feel like there's so many possibilities... nothing's impossible, anything can happen. (Of course, I always hope that "anything" is GOOD. I've had lousy May's in previous years, but not many)

Of course, last night was certainly a spring-board into the "anything outlandish is possible" category. I had gone into the cat room to turn on the lights for the little monsters around 7:00. As usual, I was greeted by a chorus of "meeeeeeews!," their way of begging to be let out.

"Sorry, guys," I said. Sarah and I were going to the gym, so I didn't have time to let them out for a bit. They have tons of space to play in the two rooms-on-two-floors we gave them, but typically cats want to go where they're not allowed. Every so often I let them out when I can supervise, or if I can take them outside to play. If we leave them alone, they dig in the plants and scratch Sarah's dining room chairs.

A few minutes later I heard little scampering feet near the kitchen. I looked up, but didn't see anything. But seconds later, I saw Emersen heading for our bedroom. She was looking for Sarah.

"Hey!" I said.

So it took Sarah and I 10 minutes, but we managed to round up the herd and put them back in the cat room. Sometimes when the window's open, the door doesn't latch as securely as usual.

After the gym, I went to the cat room to use my computer and closed the door behind me. "Meeeeeeeeew!" Cody pleaded.

"Sorry, guy," I said, settling into my chair. He wandered off dejectedly.

As I was booting up the computer, I heard the door knob jiggling. I figured it was Sarah coming in, so I turned around. Sometimes we have the opposite problem and the door sticks.

But I was SHOCKED to see that it wasn't Sarah. Instead, it was Cody on his tip-toes, jiggling the door knob. Since he has thumbs, he actually turned the knob enough so that the door opened!!!!!!

I NEVER EVER thought he was smart enough to use his paws like that!!! His sister Caitlin is great at using her double paws, she can pretty much climb anything vertically. I'm still in mourning over the little cat statue. But unlike Cody who has actual thumbs, her paws have toes that go in a really long row. There's about 6 or 7 of them.

So, yeah. I have a cat that opens doors. But I realized that if I yank the door shut hard enough, he's not strong enough to pull it open, only get the knob to turn. So now I have to be mindful of how secure the door is, otherwise Cody might, you know, stand up on two legs, turn the knob and walk out. Like a lot of cats tend to do.

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