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My legs! Can't... feel... my legs...!

Ack. So I went to the analyst seminar this morning. (note to self: desperately need to practice walking in platform sandals...) The focus was Web Services and how my client's product is an innovation in this particular space. It was interesting, except that I didn't understand half of it... *sigh*

After it was over I decided to go eat at my favorite restaurant, Low Fat No Fat, since the event had been in Waltham. I've been having LFNF withdrawl. But it wasn't quite the same because they didn't have my favorite brownies. (Peanut butter topped high-protein fudge...!)

I figured I'd get my prescriptions filled as well, then drop my car off at HW, and take the train down to the office. Everything was going quite nicely... got my meds, ate my lunch, hopped on the train... Like clockwork.

I'm reading the back of my prescription bag when this rather large woman got on the train. There was an empty seat between me and this guy, so she decided to go sit there.

Well, as she was preparing to sit, the train lurched forward and she lost her balance. She sits down hard, but instead of landing on the seat, she fell in my lap, crushing my legs.

"Oof!" I gasped.

"Oh!" the woman sputtered.

I looked at her and said, "Hi, nice to meet you...!"

"I am so embarrassed," she said, scrambling out of my lap. "I'm so sorry...!"

People were hysterically laughing. The poor woman! My legs recovered quickly, but I think her dignity took a little more time. She was in a skirt, too, no less, as was I. I'm sure we must have looked pretty funny.

Anyway, that's all the excitement as of late... let's hope that's it for today...
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