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This is what Spring's all about...

...taking my little hunters outside to find some prey. Poor little bee...

Sarah and I saw X-Men 2 and I have to say I LOVED IT!!!! Awesome Awesome Awesome!

Anyway, we did that after I spent 30 minutes trying to drag her out of bed to go to the gym and walk/run for 20 minutes. I'm trying very hard to get her into a workout routine and it's proven to be QUITE challenging.

In attempts at helping to motivate her, I now belong to two gyms: HW Boston and now MAC in Watertown. It's only 4 minutes from our house and now that my ex no longer works there, it's fine for us to be members without worrying about any hassles.

I'm a diehard morning person, so I have to have my 5:30 a.m. workouts. But if I do them at MAC, I'll be late for work everyday because by the time I'd leave, I'd be stuck in near dead-stop traffic. So it makes sense for me to stick with HW. Sarah's Dad's funding MAC, so I go there with Sarah after work and putter around, mostly just telling her what to do and stuff. So far it's been working, but BOY is she hard to get going.

After running for 20 min. at the gym, the two of us got some breakfast and went to the theater. Then we headed home, where I've spent the afternoon outside with my little monsters for the last 3 hours. (Well, only three of them... the other three didn't feel like it)

So, aside from catching bugs and eating grass, Cora decided she needed to roll under the bushes in the dirt. As a result, I no longer have a black and white Siamese, I have a black and gray sewer rat.

Anyway, that's that. This weekend one of my PR clients is in town, looking at sublets because she's going to move to Boston for the summer. So tonight I'm bringing her and Sarah to a party that's being thrown by the woman who hired me at my first job. Should be fun, I haven't seen her since 2000.


Everyday should be Saturday. I've decided I work too much.
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