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"Come on, puppy, come on!!"

Meet Rafi:

He's a 13 week old Chocolate Lab puppy and he belongs to Sarah's boss. We're puppy-sitting him all week and let me tell you how fun it's been to have him around the last two days! He's just ADORABLE and VERY well behaved. Never pees in the house and he's already trained to sit.

So after practice I took Rafi to a big field and ran all over the place with him. We just sprinted up and down, up and down. After about 25 minutes of this, he and I lied down and just rested on the grass. God, was it a beautiful day!

We sat for another 30 minutes and then went home. I had a good 3 hours to nap and I'm glad I did because after that, Sarah and I went to her friend's house who has 6 year old twins: a boy and a girl. We ran all around with poor Rafi, who was EXHAUSTED after about 45 minutes. So that left me to run wild with the twins for an hour. We played catch, tag, climbed trees, a shed, and finally got tired enough to settle down on the grass.

Julia, the 6 year old girl decided she wanted to rest her head on my stomach and tell me made-up stories about a girl who woke up one morning and discovered she was covered in purple, yellow and green stripes. While Julia was talking, Rafi settled under my legs to take a nap. Apparently Julia's Mom thought this was adorable because she and Sarah took pictures of us without us knowing:

When I saw the picture later, it made me laugh. Julia was so cute and very animated while telling her story. After that picture, we smiled for the next one:

My absolute favorite photo of the day is this one of Sarah hugging little Rafi:

So it's been a LONG-ass day, but it was so much fun! I'm going to be really sore tomorrow with all the rowing and running I did.

And my ass hurts.
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