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It seems I miss all the excitement! While I was personal training this a.m., Sarah had a couple of unexpected visitors:

Sarah went to walk Rafi and found the two of them just hanging out on the front lawn. So rather than scare them with the dog, she put him back upstairs and brought out some bread and a bowl of water.

Needless to say they were thrilled with her hospitality!
Especially the female:

And I have to say, the male was pretty handsome:

This was all too funny. Sarah said the ducks went right up to her, she didn't have to zoom in for the close pictures.

I'm sad I missed it, it was all definitely a tad unusual... I've seen ducks in the park, but not on the little front lawn.

Okay... off for more puppy sprints in the park. Ugh. My legs and butt are KILLING me from yesterday. They really can't take anymore!!
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