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Our House

Sarah and I went over to the new place to watch the home inspection. While we were there I took a bunch of pictures. I still can't believe Sarah bought a house! She truly picked a magnificent location and home.

Here's the front. We get the right half. (It's a Duplex Townhouse):

The Back, the left half is our's:

Here's part of the living room with the fireplace:

There's a TON of pictures, but I'm not going to post them here to death. But the house is amazing. It's just about completed, so we should be okay to move in at the end of the June! Wheeeee! No more ass-hat landlord!!!! (Soon, anyway... we still have to contend with the Open Houses and the dick-bag realtor. Though I find it pretty hilarious that literally HUNDREDS of people have come through this place and no one's even tried to place an offer. Probably because it's listed for an astronomical $660K and has about 24379 things wrong with it. The number of phone calls we've gotten to let us know of showings has also dwindled. Not one yesterday or today. And tomorrow's Open House is only from 12:00 to 1:30. Ha! Suckas!)
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