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We are the champions!

This weekend was the Stonewall Regatta in Washington, DC and it had to have been the BEST regatta I've ever participated in! I am a FAR better rower than I was in college. (How sad)

But I feel like I've redeemed myself in this weekend's events! I raced in two races: The Master's Women's 8 and the Mixed 8. The Masters was for people 27 and over. It was a very rough race, but we won by .6 seconds! I've never medaled in any rowing event ever:

Here we are right after we shoved off the dock. I'm the one with bare arms. I had been one of the first to arrive on Thursday evening, so I practiced twice with the men on Friday. Since I was unexpectedly on the water for 3.5 hours, I was FRIED by the sun. So any excess clothing felt uncomfortable, especially in yesterday's nasty rain:

I'm dying to see everyone elses pictures. My poor digital camera ran out of battery, so the guy that was using it only got about 25 pictures. Only a few were of me and my boatmates.

My regular film camera got a lot of me with my mixed boat. That race was AWESOME! It was 4 men and 4 women and I was bow seat. Everyone called that boat "the stringbean boat" because everyone in it was no less than 5'10". Except me. We had never rowed as a line-up before, so I had no idea about how we would do. Apparently this boat was deliberately designed as the "champion powerhouse" boat and I was included because I'm as good as the tall rowers in that boat. The coach told me that I have "incredible strength and very good swing and reach for such a small person, so they knew I could hold my own and greatly benefit the boat."

Sure enough, that race was the "butter row." Our oars were literally like hot knives through butter. Our set was great from the start and our sprint was smooth and felt like we could hold it for a lot longer than we had to. We won by over a boat length. We literally walked through the other teams.

All-in-all, this was an INCREDIBLE weekend! I made some grat new friends and had some of the best racing of my life!! Damn, I can't believe I waited this long to get back on the water. I've REALLY missed it! And what a way to return! Not just one medal, but two!

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