Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

"...but i"m having problems from a poligamus home..."

Everytime I put out a press release for clients, I end up with a lot more than the press calling... I get Japanese porn offers (which are HILARIOUS... it's all Japanese characters and then every so often it'll say SEX!!! or XXX!!! on one line) and those stupid Nigerian money scams.

I got another such scam-spam today and it had me howling with laughter:

-----Original Message-----
From: jephter okey []
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2003 6:37 AM
To: Liz Erk
Subject: investment proposal

Greetings dear,

I know that this mail will be a supprise to you,but i also know that it is how God wanted it,so do not be scared for am ready to clarify any question you may ask.

I am Josephine Chukwuma,am a gold dealer and a cocoa farmer from Cote d" Voire,originaly am a Ghanain citizen married to an Ivorean,but presently am in Ghana because of the possible out break of war and killings which has been the order of the day.

I believe strongly that it is God that directed me to you,because i"ve been looking for a Godly and reliable person whom i can go into partnership investment with,i have the inniatial capital for that,but i"m having problems from a poligamus home where i"m married to and so it became imposible for me to embark on any investment which they can notice,that is the reason why i needed somebody that will be in the forefront of the business so that nobody notices my involvement in the establisment.

Although we have not met face to face before, but we have to establish trust,and i assure you that if you will be straight foward,we are going to benefit immensely and build a long lasting relationship.

I want you to reply me as soon as you recieve this information to indicate your interest,i gurrantee you%100 risk free,but it has to be very confidential.

Thanks and remain blessed.

Josephine Chukwuma


I'm "having problems from a poligamus home?????" Hahahahahaha! Yeah, it's rough when that happens! Poor gold dealer and cocoa farmer. My heart bleeds...

So, I of course had to write back:

Where did you get this e-mail address from? I somehow doubt God passed it along…

To my surprise, The poor, tortured Josephine Chukwuma responded:

-----Original Message-----
From: jephter okey []
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2003 12:46 PM
To: Liz Erk
Subject: on the net

Dear Lik,
Your comment is funny,i think you misunderstood me.
No one can see God phisically and remain alive,but rather God himself said that he is the one that directs the steps of his own people.
i saw your e mail address on the net when i was looking for a business and a particular country to invest.Frankly speaking no body gave it to me and it was not even my intention to contact immediately since i have not discussed my intention concerning the investment with anybody earlier,but when i saw your adddress i know what moved me to contact you,that is why as a christian i believe is God's doing.
Thanks and remain blessed
Josephine Chukwuma

Ah, yes. I hope to remain blessed as well. It's hard to be a "Lik."

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