Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Here's the next installment... He wants me to contact his "lawyers" and send an e-mail that says I will be giving them my bank accout details and that they should "Furnish me with your condition and charges for representing me until the time for final signing and
remittance of payment into my account which I will forward to you in due course with my International Passport."

>From: ladan mohammed <>
>To: Dana
>Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 03:12:31 -0700 (PDT)
>Dear Dana,
>I'm glad to annouce to you that I finally secured the
>lawyer cordinates. I am therefore enclosing their
>information so that you can make contact with them
>immediately by e-mail. Do not phone them yet as I
>instructed in my last mail to you.
>After the engagement of the lawyer, you will link me
>up with his chamber as a family friend of yours as I
>earlier explained to enable me hand over all related
>documents and at the same give him clear and definite
>instruction of what he is required to do
>for you.
>Note here that it is after the engagement, you will
>send your bank account information directly to the
>lawyer for the purpose of the fund processing with a
>power of attorney for him to act on your behalf. The
>power of attorney format, I will send to you
>when the time comes.
>I am also enclosing an application sample so that you
>don't make mistake when writing to the lawyers.
>I wait for your mail if there are areas you need
>further explanation.
>Best regards,
>Here is the names and e-mail contacts of the two
>Write to them immediately by e-mail. The purpose for
>two names is to enable you compare their prices and
>condition for representation and thereafter choose
>which ever is cheaper to work with.
>a. Barrister John Achionye
>Company: Achionye chambers
>Address: Close 43, House 8, Satellite Town, Lagos
>Tel: 234-689109
>b. Barrister Sangare Seydom
>Company Sangare & Associates
>Address: No 1, Navy Town Road, Alakija, Off Badagry
>Express Road, Lagos - Nigeria.
>Here is also the sample of application. Fill the space
>dotted with your complete address before sending to
>the lawyers.
>I, Mr. Dana Munch of ....................... , a
>relation and next of kin to late Mr. Walter Munch, a
>consultant/contractor with Nigeria National petroleum
>Corporation who deposited the sum of US$8.5M with
>Inland Bank Nigeria Plc. in 1997 before his death on
>the 18th of June 1999 in an accident.
>I therefore wish to apply to your chamber to represent
>me in obtaining affidavit of next of kin at the
>Federal High Court, Igbosere, Lagos and thereafter
>sign all related documents in respect of the said sum
>with Inland Bank Bank Plc., Victoria Island, Lagos -
>My inability to be present in Nigeria is as a result
>of my ill health.
>Furnish me with your condition and charges for
>representing me until the time for final signing and
>remittance of payment into my account which I will
>forward to you in due course with my International
>I await your favourable answer to my application.
>Yours faithfully,
>Mrs Dana Munch
>Next of kin to Late Mr. Walter Munch .

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