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Terrible Twos...

Today marks little Mi's 2nd birthday!!

Sarah and I took her to a nearby field to run around and play. Since we have so much packing to do and what not, I didn't get to take her to the beach like I'd wanted.

To put a HUGE damper on things, Sarah received a phone call from her mother today, right after we got home with Mia. It's been about 2 months since the triplets moved to PA. Apparently since the move, Caitlin's turned into a raging Alpha cat, beating on her two brothers aggressively. Plus, Sarah's mom already has an Alpha female named Jezebel, so Caitlin and her cat don't get along.

Cody doesn't care about anything, so if Caitlin beats on him, he runs away from her and plays with Sarah's Mom or Jezebel. He doesn't bother with Jasper and Jasper is afraid of both Caitlin and Jezebel. So since his arrival, Jasper has spent most of his time in hiding and doesn't speak much. VERY unlike him.

The reason for the phone call today was because they haven't been able to find Jasper for a full week. Mind you, Sarah's Mom's house is FULL of little hiding spaces and they've even lost Jezebel for a few days. But never a full week. They don't think Jasper could have gotten outside because doors aren't left open. And it'd be pretty hard to not notice him run outside as they come and go.

I feel HORRIBLE about this. I had no idea Jasper was this depressed. Truthfully, I didn't think cats dwelled on these sorts of things. I figured he'd be bummed a couple of days, then settle down. But they said from day 1 he never came out to talk or be petted. That's just completely unlike him. I couldn't enter the room without him hurling himself at me, chatting away. And he and Cora were stuck to each other like glue. I felt bad enough about Cora crying for a few days after Jasper left, I really thought he'd get over it in the same way.

So I'm praying they find him, that he didn't somehow slip out of the house and when they do find him, I'm going right down there to get him and bring him home. He needs Cora, he needs me, it's so unfair. I had no idea he'd be this miserable. I feel just so horrible and guilty. He's a sweetie and I promise if they find him, I'll bring him right back up here to Cora and never send him away again.

I'm sorry, Jasper.
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