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Wait, can you rewind the tape..?

Wow... Whoa... Wait, let me try to remember...

That's how I'm feeling this morning. You couldn't have prepared me for last night's adventures even if you'd handed me a script.

After bitching about how tired I was all yesterday, I never got to take a nap. Not that I particularly minded. Last night had so much going on, I couldn't have had downtime to get sleepy if I tried. And who ever looks back on their life and says, "I'll never forget that night I stayed home by myself and just slept..."

So, you see, I *had* to go out...

Mind you, though, I was a little worse for wear when the evening kicked off. I was still running on about 3 hours of sleep from the previous night.

As soon as I left work, I picked up my car, then picked up Cora to hang out. She caught me on my cell phone as I was leaving the office. I was so glad because I hadn't seen her practically all week and would have been crushed if I missed her. She leaves Boston today and I won't see her again until late August.

After I picked her up from BU we hung out at my place for a few hours. Then I got dressed for the club, took her back to the dorm, and drove down to JP to meet up with Nikki and a couple of her friends.

I dropped my car off and Nikki and I headed for the train. After a quick ride we arrived at the club.

Wow... the last time I'd been at this place was when they'd hosted a club night called Gotham. That was way back in '96. And it was a straight night.

We went down to the part of the restaurant that was holding the club. It was pretty cool. They had a Hawaiian theme to it. (Originally it was controversially named Geisha, but after some mild outrage from the Asian community, it was changed)

I walk in with Nikki and her two weirdo friends (this one girl was already pretty trashed and seemed to be dead set on hooking up with Nikki. She ended up making an ass out of herself the entire evening while her equally strange counterpart followed her around) and the first people I see are Liz's friends Chris and Eileen.

Chris is another HW member and Eileen is someone I'd seen floating around since I came out in '96. She used to date the DJ of a club I frequented. Now she's a DJ herself and a pretty good one at that. She spins at the place I went to on Thursday. I was formally introduced to her at this year's Dyke March.

Anyway, the three of us hung out and chatted for a good 45 minutes. I'd never had any particularly lengthy conversations with either one of them before. I'm glad I got to talk to them, both are pretty awesome.

So they left around midnight and I went off to dance a bit. Nikki bought me a drink and then I ran into more people I knew. As the night wore on I got progressively drunker and drunker.

At one point I came out of the restroom and got hit with a beachball. These dykes were hanging out in the front of the club where there was a whole beach scene set up. They were pretty trashed, so I walked over with the ball and threw it into the group. I accidentally threw it a tad too hard and it bounced off this rather large butch's head.

Startled, the butch jumped up and pegged the ball back at me. Everyone laughed as she missed and I slowly nodded my head and gave a cocky-ass grin in "true butch fashion." That had everyone laughing even harder.

Mind you I was wearing a little tank top that showed off my chest and back pretty nicely, a pair of Kik Wear raver pants, and my black and silver Sketchers. My hair was done up in clips and spikey in back, so I had the sporty look going on. I was a hit with this crowd.

We hung out playing a drunken game of "Keep It Up." Butch, who's name I learned was Heather, kept hitting the ball too hard and it would bounce off the ceiling or knock people's drinks over.

I said to her at one point, "Heather, get in touch with your inner femme. A gentle side of you exists if you look deep within yourself..." That had everyone roaring. I don't think this girl had a femme bone in her body, hee hee.

We kept playing around and chatting right up until the club closed. They invited me to an after hours party in South Boston, but I was supposed to hang out with Nikki and this other girl, Michelle, who worked at the club.

The girls, about 7 of them, kept trying to persuade me to hang with them, promising to return me to my car later in the morning. Nikki came out at that point and I'm not quite sure what happened, but heated words began to fly between Heather and Nikki. They started arguing over where I'd go and Heather's group accused Nikki of being jealous of them inviting me out.

Geez. That's all I needed, a fight to break out on the sidewalk at 2:30 a.m.

Finally they all chilled and calmed down. I exchanged numbers with the group and promised we'd hang out soon. It was a nice bunch of girls, so I meant it.

Nikki, Michelle, and I got a ride to Nikki's car in JP. Now this was fun... Nikki has a Cabrio, so we decided we wouldn't head home immediately. We took the top down, Michelle sat in back, I sat in front and Nikki put on some awesome house / trance music full blast with bass. Michelle and I danced and the three of us sang, cruising around Boston and JP at 3:30 a.m.

We finally arrived at Nikki's where the dance party continued in her house. This girl's got a *sweet* set up... same 53 inch screen TV I'd remembered, awesome lighting, great sound system... perfect place to dance.

We kept that up until about 4:45ish, then we started settling down. I hung out for another hour, then dragged my tired ass home. The sun was already on its way up and the air was cool. I opened all the windows in my car and felt the wind rush through my hair and the bass of my stereo pulse through my body.

Alas, I arrived home at 6:15 and collapsed into bed. Sadly, I woke up at 10:00, so I'm either going to crash hard at some point during the day or sleep very very well tonight.

Ugh. All I know is, at this point I have no voice. It got lost some where during the course of the night. I sincerely hope it returns. I can't imagine working HW tomorrow with a pathetic warble as my means of communication.

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