Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk


She came home!!!! Sarah and I heard a cat fight in the yard and ran out about 20 min. ago. All that was there was the big orange boy cat that Mia tries to "get with" from up the block. (He yells at her everytime)

Anyway, then a few minutes ago I heard the trash outside rustling, crying noises, then screeching. I ran out of the office and there was Cora, running up the front steps!! Her eyes were as big as saucers and she FLEW past me. I think something was chasing her. I had left the front door open with cat food out on the stoop.

She hid in the attic for a while, breathing REALLY heavy. She finally came down to me. She's filthy and missing fur on her left ear. But no blood or anything.

GOD! I was so scared. I started crying so hard when I saw her. She's really shaking a lot. She's sitting next to me on her cat perch, cleaning herself furiously. What the heck was she doing???

Anyway, if I see the new house owner, he's going to really get it from me. My cats are my babies. I love them so much and that selfish asshole can only think of himself.

I couldn't get over my conversation with him either.
He denied going into the house. Meanwhile, I had locked the deadbolt from the outside like I always do. In fact, Sarah usually laughs at me because I'm so anal and always test the door before leaving. Sarah said the door was standing open, but the doorknob's lock was pushed in, which meant it was locked. But if you don't pull that knob properly, it can open up again. So whoever went in, simply locked the knob.

Anyway, after denying it several times he said, "No one went into the house. I saw the door was wide open when I was outside earlier today..."

I couldn't believe my ears. "If that were true and you own this house, and you saw that none of my cars or the U-Haul were there, wouldn't you think to check it out?"

He said, "You're moving out, I don't know what you're doing."

I said, "Right, because I'm hoping that while I'm gone, my furniture might take the initiative to walk to my new house."

Then I lost my sh*t again and screamed some more about what an irresponsible f*cking bastard he was and how I didn't give a sh*t about his stupid house and that if I didn't find my cat, I'd make his life a living hell. (I was about 2 inches from going over to his apartment and beating the shit out of him.) I threatened to sue him, but realistically, I knew I'd get no where with that. But I had full intentions to make him sorry.

Anyway, I'm now physically and emotionally exhausted. I'm so relieved she's home.
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