Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Home Sweet Chaos

Geez. We offically moved into our new place this past Thursday and it feels GREAT to be out of the old one. We are wall-to-wall boxes in the basement right now though because a lot of work is still getting done throughout the house. The house is beautiful, both in and out. It's just cluttered.

We moved the cats over on Thursday evening and Mia took it well, Cora hid among the basement boxes for 2 days and Em'sen peed, pooped and cried in the cat carrier on the drive over. Then when we arrived, she hid for 2 days as well. I felt bad for Cora and Em'sen, so I set up one of the couches with layers of soft fleece blankets, all loosely laid out so they can make their own little nests. Sure enough, on Friday night I found both Cora and Em'sen sharing the couch. Em'sen actually set aside her drama and was sprawled out on her back. Cora was on her side, legs touching Em'sen's back.

I sat with the two of them for about an hour; petting and snuggling with them both. Em'sen loved it so much, she used Cora as a pillow and purred while I scratched under her chin. Both Cora and Em'sen purred so loudly, they sounded like little motors.

We have a little room under the basement stairs that houses the litterbox and cat supplies. It has a little pet swing door so we can keep the litterbox out of view and enjoy an odor free basement! ;-) I had a grand old time teaching Mia how to use it. I opened the door, put Mia in the room, then closed the door. Then I sat on the otherside and poked my arm through the swing door. Mia sniffed my hand, then I pulled it back out. Mia sniffed the door, used her paw to pull the swing door back and stuck her face through while holding it open. She looked at me as though to say, "Uh, now what do you want me to do?"

Finally she got it and went back and forth through the door. So cute! Mia taught Cora and I assume Em'sen figured it out as well.

Mia has been LOVING the new house... so many new rooms to explore and bugs to catch. (They came in while the doors stood open for the movers) I took Mia out to play last night and the Maine Coon that lives next door decided to spy on Mia. He/she "stalked" Mia from a distance... hiding behind bushes, ducking low in the grass. Mia was oblivious because she was busy hopping through the grass like a little rabbit, sniffing all the new smells.

Finally Mia spotted the Maine Coon and ran right up to it. I ran to Mia because you never know what can happen when two new cats get together. Mia stood there, waving her tail. The other Maine Coon backed up, looked at me, started crying and wailing, then ran across the street. Mia looked dejected for about two seconds, then resumed hopping around the yard. Ha! Mia already scared away another cat and she just moved here! Mind you, Mia and the Maine Coon look exactly alike, except the neighbor cat is darker and slightly bigger.

Anyway, I'm just glad to be moved. I haven't been in the gym or on the water in 3 weeks and it shows. ARGH. All we've eaten lately is take-out. So the combo of bad food and no workouts make for a very tired and slovenly me. Bah! Must change!!

Truthfully though, it's all been a lot of fun. :-) The house is just gorgeous and I'm enjoying getting to know the new neighborhood. The funniest thing was meeting the neighborhood kids and their pets. Each kid is proud of their cats and dogs, I love it.

Now that we've moved, my mind has wandered back towards Jasper. Where is he?? Sarah's Mom and sister have had no luck in finding him, so I am going to try and go down on the 23rd. Anyone live in Philly and want to help me check all the local shelters??
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