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My little wanderer...

I'm so mad... I've spent the last 3 days aggressively making outreach in regards to Jasper. I called Sarah's sister the other night and she pretty much eluded to the fact that she and her mother have basically given up on looking for Jasper about a few weeks ago. I nearly lost it.

So I called all the shelters I could find, e-mailed pictures, descriptions, etc. Then I got on the phone with all the local vets I could find and faxed and e-mailed them as well. Then I sent out a link that my friend Heather put together for me that hosts a flyer about him to everyone I know, hoping they might have friends near where he was lost. Then I joined a Yahoo community that helps with tips on finding lost cats.

I am so upset about this... he's such a sweet little guy and the idea that Sarah's family just kind of let it go with such disdain is so appalling to me. If I lost someone's cat, I'd be beside myself with grief, doing everything in my power to recover it. I'm going to PA on the 23rd to do some looking on my own. I really want them to set up a humane trap, but they haven't returned my calls. If they think I'm going to simply give up, they've got another thing coming. I'd be in PA right now, if I could be. I hate that I am stuck here because of work.

I'm also bringing Caitlin and Cody back up here. I've been worried about them ever since. I need to find them a home and I will keep Jasper if I can find him. So if anyone wants (or know of anyone who wants) two adorable, well-behaved 1 year old cats, please let me know. I want them to go to a good, loving home where they're not at risk.

I still can't believe this happened. It's just so upsetting beyond words.

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