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Liz Erk

lizerk, pet detective!!

I don't have Internet access at home yet, so I had to stop by my office to do this fast, but JASPER WAS FOUND!!!

My old high school friend that lives in the next town over from Sarah's Mom received the link I sent around that jandyheather put together for me. She offered to hang flyers for me near where Jasper was lost and had covered about a 2 mile radius yesterday afternoon.

At about 7:30 I got a call from a woman who said, "I was out walking my dog and I came across your flyer near Haverford College. A little while later I walked past a black and white cat with the same markings on its mouth as yours, sitting on a front lawn on Oakford St. I gave him a little treat and he ate it, but when I went and tried to pick him up, he ran off. But he had white feet, a white chest, long black tail, short-haired, the whole bit. So if that wasn't your cat, then there's an exact carbon copy running around."

So she said she'd try to find him again and would call if she had any luck.

A half hour later I got a call from a woman two doors down from where the first woman had seen him.

"Hi, I have your cat. He's been living with me for the past 2 and half weeks."

Turns out about 3 weeks ago he showed up at her house and started meowing. So she put out dry food for him and what not and he kept coming back. She has two older cats, so she leaves a window open so they can get in and out. Jasper figured this out and about 4 days after she noticed him and began leaving dry food out, she came home from work and found him in her house, sleeping on her bed. She said, "Well, I guess you're moving in, huh?"

So from then on, he has been an indoor/outdoor cat. He goes out in the morning, goes all around and then comes back in when she gets home from work. He sleeps in her bed with his head on her pillow, like a little person. This is what he did at my house.

Then while we were on the phone she described his mannerisms... all consistent with what he did here! (rolls on his back to have his belly rubbed, purrs nonstop, chats all the time, follows her everywhere) Except the indoor/outdoor part. I was blown away by that. But then again, he was feral for 3 months before getting trapped and brought to me, so who knows?

Anyway, she said she's been calling him "Pip" because her other cat's name is Gladys. Then she said, "You know, Gladys and the Pipps?" Honestly, I had no idea what she was talking about at the time, but whatever. :-)

So after talking to this woman for about 45 minutes, I learned that she lives about a mile from where he was lost and in order to get to her, he had to cross a MAJOR, busy road. She said he's very clever and adaptable and asked me how I raised him to be such a great cat. She called him Jasper while we were on the phone and he looked up!

So she asked me what was next. I still can't get down until Friday night, but she said she was okay with hanging onto him for me. He's been doing the same routine with her for 2.5 weeks, so I don't think he'll run away. She even had a vet appt. for him today, but I told her she could cancel it. He's up to date with shots and is neutered. She couldn't tell if he was male or female, but she wanted to make sure. She didn't know what she'd do with a litter of kittens if the cat had been pregnant.

Truthfully, I'd rather have him continue his routine with Nancy, the woman who found him until I can get there. He sounds like he's really happy there, so the idea of sending Sarah's Mom to get him, well, that'd be like saying, "Yeah, please ensure that he gets lost all over again."

Anyway, I'm so relieved! Everyone here kept telling me, "You need to face it, you're not going to find him. Especially not from all the way up here. Let it go."

Whatever. I do Public Relations for a living. Networking is what I do and I refused to give up on Jasper. Nancy even said, "The neighbors all love him. He's a beautiful cat, loads of personality I've really enjoyed having him. I'm glad I got to make this call to you, it's a real miracle. I've wondered all along whether or not his owner was missing him. I couldn't imagine anyone not being heartbroken over him, he's just that great a cat. Plus, he showed up in excellent shape, so I knew he wasn't dumped."

My next step is to call all the shelters and let them know I found my little guy. To everyone on here who helped out with spreading the word, THANK YOU!!!! I can't wait until next Friday!!!!!!!
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