Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

I let him out...

I had a whirlwind Thursday through Sunday. I went to Long Island on Thursday, visited with Mike and went mountain biking that afternoon, followed by dinner in Manhatten that night:

Then I zipped over to Philly to see about Jasper. I really enjoyed the drive from NY to PA and was all excited when I got to the Verazzano Bridge. When I caught glimpse of it, I was immediately spun back to when I was just a little kid. I remember looking up at it in awe back then... it was HUGE! I felt exactly the same way as I approached it on Friday, 16 years later:

Then I nearly ran off the road as I got closer and saw this sign:

8 BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To cross a freakin' bridge to Staten Island??????????? OMG! For a fleeting moment, before I saw that sign, of course, I thought, "Hmm... maybe I should consider returning to NY... I've really missed it and I had such a great time on Thursday night..."

New York City: the land of the broke. They nickel and dime you any way possible over there. How do people survive it??? If I lived in NY on my salary, I'd be living in a real slum. There's no way. How do people fresh out of college do it? Live with 10 other roommates?? Geez.

Anyway, I still enjoyed crossing the bridge itself, after I recovered from Toll Shock:

Pennsylvania was fine in and of itself. I arrived very late on Friday night because there was a terrible accident on the Penna Turnpike. But once I did, I went up and opened the door... there was my Jasper! "Mroooooow!!!" He came right to me and I scooped him up. "How's my little monster???"

He began purring and snuggled into me.

Jasper and I slept together the entire night, it was so sweet. He put his little head on my shoulder and purred as I rubbed his back. Then I'd drift off to sleep and then he'd wake me up, pretty much demanding that I pet him some more. Then he'd fall back to sleep.

I met the woman who took care of him. She was SO sweet. To make a long story short, I let her keep Jasper. She REALLY loves him. I missed him terribly, but I know that I can't give him the set up he has at Nancy's: he can come and go in and out as he pleases, she's home more often than I am, and she can just all around give him more attention.

I knew I couldn't just bring him over there. It was heartbreaking to think about it. So I opened the front door and let Jasper out. He ran out, sat on the lawn by Sarah's Mom's briefly, looked at me, then ran over to Nancy's street. I followed him and saw him disappear into the brush at a neighbor's. So I called Nancy and told her I let him out and that if she'd have him (like there was any question that she wouldn't), I'd like her to keep him.

She was THRILLED! So I bought him a collar and tag, Sarah's sister the vet is going to microchip him and I'm going to order her a kitty beeper so she can keep track of him.

I didn't get to say good-bye because he was still out and about when I'd left. But it was lucky I'd left because I found out later that he returned to Sarah's Mom's house. They think it's because he knew I was there. So they returned him to Nancy's and Nancy is working on training him to stay within a few houses of her own. He has to cross a REALLY dangerous road to get to Sarah's Mom's. I know if I saw him come back I would have taken him back to MA. I love that little guy.

ARGH. I HATE good-byes. But I have an open invitation to see him whenever I want and she promised to keep me posted on him, as well as send pictures.

The twins are back home. Cora's THRILLED! She has her snuggle buddy Cody back. They were inseparable yesterday. That's how she and Jasper used to be. But anyway, I'm glad Cora's got a little buddy for now. Mia's more on the aloof side and isn't a cuddle cat.


If I'm like this with cats, just imagine me with children when they go off to college someday!

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