Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Team Spirit

So my company was challenged to its first company softball game ever last night. Every company I've ever worked for played softball, but I never went. (Except for when I was an intern at a small agency in '97) I realized later that it was stupid of me not to go because it made me look like I wasn't truly dedicated to the company. So yesterday at lunch I went out and bought a baseball glove and was set to play.

Here's the thing: I can't throw. At all. It's really sad. I never learned. I can hit pretty well, though, and I can run fast. Oh, and I can catch. But the throwing part REALLY hurts my game.

So anyway, we played another small Boston agency and we ended up slaughtering them 26 to 6. And it was only because we were bad, they were WORSE. I was first up at bat in the 1st inning. I hit the ball right at the pitcher, nearly sawing him in half. He jumped out of the way, luckily and I hauled ass to first:


We had a lot of fun, I really regret skipping out on my other companies' games. Oh well. Now I know. The other team took this picture of us:

So... anyone out there who's local and works at a company with more than 10 people... do you want to play us????
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